We are part of a Higher level Stewardship scheme which has been a challenge to establish but now in the second year and we are seeing the wildlife benefits in abundance.

In our first year we saw an increase of yellowhammers, with a count of 20 birds coming off one feeder,

In the second year the bees, butterflies etc have exploded!


Within the woodland grant scheme we have been able to hopefully get to the ash die back before the affected trees become a problem and have no value. We started on our first wood in spring 19 and I was devastated to see the amount of mature trees that had to come out. However this wood, which my grandfather bought in the 50’s, was in need of ¬†thinning, and the regeneration has been wonderful. The wildlife that has been returning is much easier to count and hopefully the bluebells and cowslips will return in greater numbers next spring.


Bees have been a new introduction in 2019. Having been given two hives by a cousin and decendend of Hugh Walford, I decided to find a local bee keeper to fill them and manage. With the lime trees around the house and all the nectar rich grasses they were in their element. Who knew there were so many varieties of bee.