2nd April 2020

Lambing 2020

First lambs 2020

It was a slow start on 26th February to this years lambing season. A set of twins, nothing for a week, then a busy 2 weeks with two or three sets of twins every day. Finishing with a two week break at the end for the last set of twins. Lots of ewe lambs, two sets of triplets and a few singles. 44 lambs out of 23 ewes, so not too bad a season.

Triplets 2020





Sadly due to Corvid 19 all the agricultural shows have been cancelled or postponed till later in the year. Most of us have hung up our showing shoes till next year and put all the stock in together.

A cosy bed
Snuggle time lambing 2020

The hire rams have done a good job and customers have reported a happy and healthy lambing.

Roll on 2021 and we can look out for our next showing stock.