19th April 2020


Roast lamb thank you Old Rectory Farms

March 23rd 2020 was the start of a strange period in the UK with the country put on lockdown due to Corvid 19 a pandemic virus that hit the world. Our life here on the farm did not change much as it coincided with a break in wet weather and Spring arriving with a bang. At last we could get on the grass fields and harrow, roll and fertilise. Lambing was just finishing with just a couple to top up bottlefeeding.

Perfect Ham

However lots of projects could still be done, including reroofing the main barn and the woodland work on the Ash dieback. Fortunately all those involved were considered key workers.



Roast Lamb on the BBq

With extended family isolating at home and some difficulty getting meat, we were able to fill people’s freezers with our lamb, beef, ham and sausages, a silver lining on an otherwise worrying  time.




Social media was the main way people kept in touch and customers shared their dishes including the meat they had bought from us.