Here at Old Rectory Farms we offer meat from our Black Welsh mountain Sheep, Dexter Cattle and Kune Kune pigs.

All our livestock are pasture fed on the edge of The North Wessex Downs. The stewardship grasses of Clover, Sanfoin, Chicory, Yarrow, Campion, Birds Foot Trefoil and Salad Burnet on which they graze are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Pasture fed meat is lower in saturated fats and higher in good fats than grain fed livestock.

Our permanent pastures are fertilized with a natural seaweed and rotated between each livestock group to maintain a natural swath to help insect and bird life. In the winter the livestock is fed on hay/haylage taken from the farm in the summer.

We offer Lamb meat boxes:

(Half Box contains: Leg, Shoulder, chops, neck fillet and mince.)

Lamb (under a year old) 6 – 9 kg @ £9.50 p/k

Hogget (1 year old) 9- 11 kg @ £9.50 p/k

Mutton (2 years and above) @ £8 p/k

Beef: (Price on application)

Joints, Steaks, stewing meat and mince

Pork: (packs of 6 @ £4.95 per pack)

Breakfast Sausages (85% meat)


These natural sheepskin rugs from our Black Welsh Mountain sheep are a beautiful addition to any home.

As a cosy bedside rug, a warm soft cushion for a wheelchair, a play mat/ pram liner or for the pampered pooch as a bed.

Measuring approx 3 ft x 2ft and costing £50 – £70.